An important message from Paulette’s family

By now, you may know that our mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and we taught her December classes while she received treatment.

Mom being mom – loving her classes and rarin’ to go – made plans to start teaching again ASAP. Sadly, it’s too much for her. A lot of time and energy go into the research, writing and filming of her classes - more than she can spare.

For this reason, the classes will be discontinued. We want you to know how much she has loved teaching all of you and what a kick she got out of seeing everyone on Zoom.

Please download your recipes if you haven’t done so already. The website will remain live until the end of February. If you have paid for January, you will receive a refund. If you have unredeemed gift certificates, our support staff will contact you.

Mom always taught us that food is love. For her, there’s no better way to show love than preparing a delicious meal to share with family and friends. We hope she has helped you share some love, too.

Rob, Mike & Kevin Bruce

Fresh new recipes every week!

You'll learn my favorite recipes that I cook for my family and friends, as well as cooking tips and techniques that you don't always learn from cookbooks or cooking shows. I’ll teach you my old world recipes from my Italian nonna, my Basque grandmother and my mama who was a fabulous home cook. Everybody loved these women for their feisty personalities and creative cooking skills. You can cook right along with me in real time, or you can watch the class, ask questions and cook the recipe later. Even if you can’t make the live class, you can watch the recordings. We have a lot of fun in my kitchen – so I hope you’ll join me!


Recent classes

Watch a free class 

Curious about online cooking classes? Watch one of my classes – free. This was a live class that we recorded. We made baked salmon with avocado-mango salsa, and boy was it good! I gave some tips on how to buy salmon, plus my techniques for cutting up mangos and avocados. You’ll find the recipe here, and you can watch the video here. Some people cooked along with me, and some watched and made the recipe later. We all had a great time together!


How it works

Good Eats online cooking classes are a monthly membership. For $29 a month, you’ll get two live, interactive cooking classes plus two recorded classes, recipes for each class, a list of recommended kitchen tools, and access to a private Facebook group. Your membership automatically renews each month. Can’t make the live classes? No problem – all classes are recorded and archived, so you can watch when it's convenient for you. If you have questions, please email [email protected]


About Paulette

Food and cooking found their place in my heart at an early age…actually I’ve been cooking most of my life. As a young girl, my job in the family was to help my Nonna (grandmother) learn English and the Constitution so she could become a U.S. citizen. After school, I would join Nonna in her small kitchen to review her lessons. She would greet me at the back door with an outpouring of love and affection…always in Italian laced with a bit of broken English. Somehow, I knew exactly what she was trying to say.  READ MORE


Rave reviews for Good Eats Cooking Classes

Paulette’s online cooking class was like being one-on-one right there in her kitchen. It was loaded with perfect directions and little tidbits that make the cooking prep and cooking processes easier and, well, delicious! The final dish was A-mazing!! Thank you, Paulette.
Mimi B

Paulette is amazing!!  You’ll not only learn the best techniques and hints, she will make you laugh throughout. You’ll have a wonderful time!!
Nancy K

My wife and I have been to many of Paulette’s hands-on cooking classes over the years, and we were excited to try her online live classes. We prepped our ingredients in advance and cooked the dishes along with Paulette and it was very helpful to see exactly what she was doing in the recipes – I would have had trouble preparing a “spatchcocked” chicken if I didn’t see her do it live! It was also helpful to have Paulette answer a question I had when we were finished. The best part was when we were done, dinner was ready! We’ve also watched her recorded classes and they are great, too. I consider myself to be a pretty good home chef, but I always learn something new, or a better way to do something from Paulette.
Susan & Dane H

I love Paulette and her cooking classes so much that I finally signed up for Yelp just to write this review!
I’ve taken several different classes and every time Paulette brings her A game.  She is so passionate about cooking and her classes are so fun, that it inspires me to actually want to cook. I highly recommend Paulette’s class to anyone who likes to cook - or likes to eat for that matter!
Nancy M

We love cooking with Paulette! The recipes are always inspiring  and delicious, and we learn so much about how to cook in every class. The kitchen tips alone are worth the price of admission!
Wendy H

I was concerned that online cooking wouldn’t be as relatable as an in-person cooking class, but Paulette’s knowledge and enthusiasm drew me in and I loved it! Definitely felt like I was right in her kitchen!
Lori H