The Meat Test

Nov 12, 2020

Yes, there really is a quick and accurate way to test the doneness of meat without using a meat thermometer or cutting into your meat. You only need your hands to do the job and a bit of self-confidence. In the beginning of learning this new testing method, I suggest you have someone with you to guide your hands and keep your eyes closed. No peeking! Since your eyes overrule all your senses, you will learn this test faster with your eyes closed and rely on your touch.

You will be comparing how your meat feels, to the feeling of your hand as you touch different fingers together. Here's how.

Start by shaking out both hands...shake out all the bad jujues'. Your hands need to be completely relaxed and not tight.

Open your hand and keep it relaxed. Take the index finger of your opposite hand and touch on the fleshy area at the bottom of your thumb. If your hand becomes tense, this won't work. You may need to shake your hand again to get it to relax.


The feeling you get from pushing on that area is exactly what raw meat feels like. Now touch the raw meat you are about to place on your grill or in your fry pan. You will get the same amount of give and springiness that you feel while touching below your thumb.

 Next, shake your hand again and bring your thumb up to the tip of your pointer finger and feel that same area just below your thumb. The area should give quite a bit. This is what rare meat feels like. Check your steak after it has been on the grill for a few minutes.

Now, the medium-rare test. Press your thumb to the tip of your index (tall man) finger. And, touch below your thumb at the same time. That feeling is medium-rare on your meat. This is when you begin to see the little red bubbles coming up to the top of your meat. For some, the meat is ready to take off the flame.

Now, the medium test. Press your thumb to the tip of your ring finger while touching below your thumb. Then touch your meat. The two will feel the same. Firm and not springy. 

Finally, the well-done test. Press your thumb to the tip of your little finger. If your meat feels the same as the area below your thumb, you have cooked it too long and it is now well done.


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